One Word Affirmation


For the past several years I have used one word affirmation.  We live in a super rushed, fast paced world of instant gratification, I started to use this method to change my overall energy of a season.  Keeping it simple because the last thing we need is additional things to remember and apply.  

I use the term season.  One word affirmations are used to help guide you to the next step in the  journey.  They are meant for a period of time, something to rewire your brain. They can be used for a short time frame of as long as a year.  The past words are still part of the  journey, the new word is just adding to the amazing journey you are on.    

Take time thinking about the word, my 2020 word is “Adventure”.  It took a few days to commit to the word, I thought about it and one day it just screamed to me “Adventure 2020” . It is perfect.  Well 2020 sure has been an adventure for the entire world.  When I selected the word I was thinking more along the lines of traveling more, writing more, dating more.  Never did I imagine it was going to me staying home enjoying my spiritual adventure. It turned into loving myself more.

Everybody has their own paths, dreams and goals.  We all get confused on where to start, The best place to start, is right where you are.  What do you desire? What is your best life? Don't  use “need”  it implies to the universe  that you are lacking.  We are never lacking, we just desire.  The word “desire” has a different mental effect on your brain. Any time we manifest our desires we want to use only positive words or meanings since we are calling this into our life.  The universe doesn't know the difference between positive and negative, it simply gives you what you ask for, it does not judge your request it just responds to your vibrational  energy/message you are sending. 

There is an old saying “careful what you wish for”  The universe/God/source is here to give you what you wish for/ ask for or desire, so make it abundant, happy and fulfilling. 

These things are done only for you  and no one else, always remember your dreams are never too big or stupid. They are put in your heart because we are all on different paths and journeys.  Enjoy the journey, it's an amazing place to be, finding the small gifts in life gives us on a daily basis.

I have painted my one word affirmations on a sign as a reminder and to keep my focus on the main energy I want to achieve. 

Much Love and Hugs 

Patti ❤️

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